Master Thesis Opportunity

Screening the Regeneration of Adhesion-Related Genes in the cnidarian Hydra

Subject: The Master’s project is embedded in the ongoing postdoctoral EU project: HydraGlue. The project aims to characterize the mechanism of Hydra’s adhesion in order to gain knowledge about the protein (or proteins) necessary to mimic for the development of new synthetic biomimetic adhesives. A field most known as bioadhesion. Last year we have stablished a candidate list of genes involved in adhesion through differential transcriptome analysis and in-situ hybridization. Now we are looking for a motivated master student to benefit from this data.

The main aim of this Master’s opportunity are the assessment and analysis of this candidate gene list. You will investigate the “temporal” gene expression of these candidates by using whole regenerating hydras, as well as cell aggregates. Throughout the master thesis you will be faced to the following main methods:


In-situ hybridization

Dissociation and cell aggregation

Quantitative PCR

As an applicant you ideally should be highly motivated with experimental work.

Institution: Research unit Evolutionary and Developmental Biology, Institute of Zoology, University of Innsbruck. Technikerstr. 25

For more information and application, please contact: Dr. Marcelo Rodrigues (


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